Home Insurance

Home Insurance


HMZ Insurance offers you the peace of mind that your home and belongings are protected should the worst happen.

Over a fifth of households within the US, like five million homes, haven’t any insurance protections in situ , consistent with charity Shelter.

And, although it’s not a legal requirement to possess home insurance, most mortgage lenders will insist you’ve got buildings cover in situ if you’re a home-owner .

What’s more, should the nastiest happen, and damage does occur either to your home or your possessions, then the to insure your home for a year can pale as compared to the hundreds, potentially thousands, of pounds that not having cover could cost you.



Landlord insurance

Also referred to as buy-to-let insurance, landlord insurance usually covers the foremost common risks related to renting out a property. you’ll also want to seem at popular landlord insurance add-ons too, like loss of rent cover, compensation claims cover and accidental damage cover.

Listed buildings insurance

The rebuild cost of some ‘non-standard’ homes, like listed buildings, are often considerably above it’s for other properties. Specialist listed building insurance can make sure you have the proper cover in situ .

Student insurance

Student contents insurance offers protection for items like books, clothes, and jewelry against loss, damage, or theft. High-risk items like laptops and bikes are often covered as extra add-ons too.

Guesthouse insurance

Guesthouse insurance typically offers protection for both buildings and contents. It also offers the choice to guard against legal claims, income loss, and any accidents.

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